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kee jan


Asma Najafi is the artist behind Keejan, which represents the key to the soul. She crafts handmade and unique objects fired with love. The journey began in Tehran in 2017 and continues in London. Keejan passionately creates meaningful pieces inspired by nature and culture.


up coming events and markets

canopy market

I will be selling my handmade ceramics | NEW COLLECTION and NEW PRODUCTS. 

West Handyside Canopy | Kingscross | London |  N1C4BH

14-16 June 2024

canopy market

I will be selling my handmade ceramics | NEW COLLECTION and NEW PRODUCTS. 

West Handyside Canopy | Kingscross | London |  N1C4B

21-23 June 2024

Unique. Eco Friendly. Handmade.

The materials we work with shape our collections and play a key part in our look and values. We choose to work with natural, recycled and reclaimed materials through sustainable methods of production. Whether it’s the makers’ distinctive style, the character of the piece or the inspiration behind its origins, there’s always more to tell than meets the eye. 

Every product has a story…

Original Brand Tableware & Decor
Original Brand Tableware & Decor

beautiful poem by rum that inspire me

’m the slave of the Moon; talk of nothing but moon.
Or brightness and sweetness. Other than that, say nothing.
Don’t tell of suffering, talk of nothing but blessings.
If you know nothing about them, no matter. Say nothing.
Last night I went wild. Love saw me and said:
I’m here. Don’t shout, don’t rip your shirt, say nothing.
I said: O Love, what I fear is something else.
Love said there’s nothing there. Say nothing.
I’ll whisper secret words in your ears. Just nod yes.
Except for that nod of your head, say nothing.
A moon pure as spirit rose on the heart’s pathway.
What a joy, to travel the way of the heart. Say nothing.
I said: O Heart, what is this moon? Heart beckoned:
For now, it’s not for you to know. Say nothing.
I said: Is this face angel or human?
Neither angel nor human. It is other, say nothing.
I said: What’s this? I’ll lose my mind if you don’t tell me.
It said: Then lose your mind, and stay that way. Say nothing.
You who sit in this house filled with images and illusions,
get up, walk out the door. Go, and say nothing.
I said: O Heart, tell me kindly: Isn’t this about God?
It said: Yes it is, but kindly say nothing.
من غلام قمرم غیر قمر هیچ مگو
پیش من جز سخی شمع و شکر هیچ مگو
سخن رنج مگو جز سخن گنج مگو
ور از این بی‌خبری رنج مبر هیچ مگو
دوش دیوانه شدم عشق مرا دید و بگفت
آمدم نعره مزن جامه مدر هیچ مگو
گفتم ای عشق من از چیز دگر می‌ترسم
گفت آن چیز دگر نیست دگر هیچ مگو
من به گوش تو سخن‌های نهان خواهم گفت
سر بجنبان که بلی جز که به سر هیچ مگو
قمری جان صفتی در ره دل پیدا شد
در ره دل چه لطیف است سفر هیچ مگو
گفتم ای دل چه مه‌ست این دل اشارت می‌کرد
که نه اندازه توست این بگذر هیچ مگو
گفتم این روی فرشته‌ست عجب یا بشر است
گفت این غیر فرشته‌ست و بشر هیچ مگو
گفتم این چیست بگو زیر و زبر خواهم شد
گفت می‌باش چنین زیر و زبر هیچ مگو
ای نشسته تو در این خانه پرنقش و خیال
خیز از این خانه برو رخت ببر هیچ مگو
گفتم ای دل پدری کن نه که این وصف خداست
گفت این هست ولی جان پدر هیچ مگو